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Compliance and Code of Business Conduct

Compliance Vision and Policy

ISUZU Group places the utmost importance on compliance and works on compliance promotion activities as the whole group based on our company vision that;

We shall support transportation needs and promote a better life for people as a trusted partner

Besides, our code of conduct states that;

Recognizing that trust is the basis of any relationship, we continuously think and act on our own

The basic compliance policy aims to have all internal and external parties acknowledged and informed, which all directors and employees of ISUZU Group Companies shall execute to achieve its purpose, especially top management must recognize that taking the initiative in the implementation of this policy is the key role.


ISUZU Group places the highest priority on implementing compliance standards, not only to comply with laws and regulations but also to possess a high code of ethics and be trusted by society.

Each director and employee, as a member of ISUZU Group, adheres to rules without fail and to work with pride in order to achieve following objectives.

  • Promote trust towards customers and partners
  • Prevent risk that leads to any action against laws
  • Reduce risk of defamation and promote positive image of corporate
  • Increase competitive capability

12 Principles of Code of Business Conduct

  • 1. Appropriate Transactions

    Products and services provided to customers and business partners shall be ensured to meet the criteria for appropriate quality and safety, set forth in laws, regulations and internal “Quality Manual” and other manuals of similar kind.

  • 2. Appropriate Information Control

    Company trade secrets, information subject to confidentiality obligations against clients and business partners, and personal information of employees shall be controlled appropriately, based on standards prescribed by the company.

  • 3. Compliance with Anti-trust and Competition Laws

    Isuzu Group adopts the Anti-trust policy. All directors and employees shall strictly adhere to the Anti-trust and Competition Laws applicable in each country and region.

  • 4. Gift and Entertainment

    Isuzu Group clarifies its intention to prevent bribery of public officials and shall strictly adhere to the laws and regulations applicable in each country. In addition, it is prohibited to provide and receive inappropriate convenience to and from business partners.

  • 5. Prohibition of Involvement with Anti-Social Forces

    Isuzu group is prohibited to provide convenience to individuals or groups or to join such individuals or groups that conduct criminal acts or harm the society.

  • 6. Prohibition of Actions Harming Interests of the Company

    Do not harm the company’s honor or credibility and do not disturb the company’s order and morals, or act to harm other directors and employees.

  • 7. Notification and Requests for Approval to Government Offices

    Notifications, applications, reports and any actions of similar kind to any government agencies must be conducted in a timely and appropriate manner without omission.

  • 8. Management and Retention of Material Documents

    Material documents related to business must be properly filed and retained in accordance with laws, regulations and internal rules including its retention periods.

  • 9. Adequate Accounting and Tax Processing

    Accounting and tax must be appropriately processed according to relevant laws, regulations as well as accounting standards.

  • 10. Fair Working Conditions

    All related parties must carefully prevent any harassment such as power harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination against or due to differences in race, sex, hometown or ideological belief, etc. in the workplace, or any behavior which cause fear, humiliation or unpleasant working environment.

  • 11. Prevention of Environmental Pollution

    Treat any hazardous substances, industrial waste and any other substances of similar kind properly in accordance with environmental laws and relevant internal rules.

  • 12. Respect of diverse traditions and cultures

    Directors and employees must recognize and respect the diversity of traditions, cultures, values or religions, and must comply to the rules or laws related to such matters.

Think compliance, do it right