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Group Company in Thailand

Isuzu Engine Manufacturing Co., (Thailand) Ltd. IEMT

  • Established :

    July 1987

  • Business :

    Diesel Engine Manufacturing & Component Parts

  • Product :

    Diesel Engine & Component Parts

  • Vision :

    We will be a part of a perfect life by manufacturing and delivery our product to achieve customer satisfaction and trust.

  • Mission :

    The company shall reach forward to be the leader of ASEAN on behalf of high-quality engine manufacturing without social and environmental conflicts including social benefits creation on behalf of the achievable customers' satisfaction partner.

  • Corporate Values :

    Compliance Policy
    "In order to operate the business under the company vision, the company has realized to the significance of all executive and employee corporation not only on the basis of law, but also the moral principle so as to win a trust from society. The Company complies with the corporation policy with honest, correct, justice, company's information disclosure, taking emphasis to employees, environmental care, corporate social responsibility and social harmonious creation so as to achieve the customer's satisfaction."

  • Location :

    • Bangkok